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I used to be fat, still am, but getting smaller!

After many nights in the studio, eating lots of crappy food, drinking way to many sugar filled sodas, I amassed the pounds at a pretty rapid rate.

I knew I could get the weight off if I tried, by simple diet alone. But I kept putting it off.

I would go for a little walk, but then I would get home and have donuts to celebrate.

Cancel that. Reverse it.

I needed some form of diet pill.

A pill to stop the cravings, so spur on the fat loss.

I thought Adiphene might be the answer, I found some Adiphene Reviews, it looked good.

I’ll give that a try.

It worked, I’m still going.

This is awesome, 15 pounds down, and still motivated to do more!

If you are fat, perhaps visit the link below an get on it. It works, and makes losing weight quite easy.

Peace out !

Midnight Sun – Album Out!

The new music vehicle of John Boswell, aka Melodysheep have recently release a fantastic new album called Midnight Sun.

Fan’s of John Boswells earlier works, will quickly assimilate with the smooth electronica tones and feel good vibes that come from within.


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John Boswell-We Are All Connected

“We Are All Connected” is a brilliant music video that was made with sampling from Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, The History Channel’s Universe as well as Richard Feynman’s brilliant 1983 interviews.

It also includes parts of the inspiring Neil deGrasse Tyson’s cosmic sermon.

Bill Nye also gets a look in with parts of the Eyes of Nye Series being featured.

Included visuals from The Elegant Universe (NOVA) feature prominently with such things as Stephen Hawking’s Universe, Cosmos, the Powers of 10, and more.

All told it is a simple awesome display of tribute to greatest minds of science the world has ever seen.

John’s usual intention being spread scientific knowledge and philosophy through the medium of music, is well delivered. His commitment to this movement is honourable.

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Resources and Video:

John Boswell – Symphony of Science – the Quantum World!

The Quantum World! is  musical investigation into the nature of atoms and subatomic particles, those tiny building blocks that make up all that we see. The Quantum World video features the following personalities:

  • Morgan Freeman
  • Stephen Hawking
  • Michio Kaku
  • Brian Cox
  • Richard Feynman
  • Frank Close

“The Quantum World” is the eleventh video in the Symphony of Science  video series.

Sources for the video include:

  • Richard Feynman – Fun to Imagine
  • BBC Visions of the Future – the Quantum Revolution
  • Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman
  • Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking
  • Brian Cox TED Talk
  • BBC What Time is it
  • BBC Wonders of the Universe
  • BBC Horizon – What Is Reality

This post is not only a tribute to John Boswell, but also to all those that helped make the project possible.


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